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Phase entrainment of human delta oscillations can mediate the effects of expectation on reaction speed (2010) G. Stefanics, B. Hangya, I. Hernadi, I. Winkler, P. Lakatos, I. Ulbert, Journal of Neuroscience, 30(41):13578-13585. PDF 

M. Parazzini, M.E. Lutman, A. Moulin, C. Barnel, M. Sliwinska-Kowalska, M. Zmyslony, I. Hernadi, G. Stefanics, G. Thuroczy, P. Ravazzani (2010) Absence of short-term effects of UMTS exposure on the human auditory system. Radiation Research. 173(1):91-97. PDF

Newborn infants process pitch intervals (2009) G. Stefanics, G. Háden, I. Sziller, L. Balázs, A. Beke, I. Winkler,  Clinical Neurophysiology, 120:304-308, PDF

Timbre-independent extraction of pitch in newborn infants (2009) G. Háden., G. Stefanics, M. Huotilainen, L. Balázs, I. Sziller, A. Beke, V. Fellman, I. Winkler,   Psychophysiology, 46(1), 69-74., PDF

Effects of twenty-minute 3G mobile phone irradiation on event related potential components and early gamma synchronization in auditory oddball paradigm (2008) G. Stefanics,G. Thuróczy, L. Kellényi, I. Hernádi, Neuroscience, 157(2):453-62., PDF

Crossmodal source coherence in the theta and alpha bands (4-12 Hz) during audiovisual integration in humans: an MEG study (2007) G. Stefanics, S. Della Penna, R. Franciotti, M. Stavrinou, C. Sestieri, L. Finos, L. Ciancetta, F. Cianflone, V. Pizzella, I. Hernádi, G L. Romani, Brain Topography (abstract), 19(4), 191-192. , PDF

Short GSM mobile phone exposure does not alter human auditory brainstem response (2007) G. Stefanics, L. Kellényi, F. Molnar, G. Kubinyi, G. Thuroczy, I. Hernádi, BMC Public Health, 7:325 (PDF)

Auditory temporal grouping in newborn infants (2007) G. Stefanics, G. Háden., M. Huotilainen, L. Balázs, I. Sziller, A. Beke, V. Fellman, I. Winkler, Psychophysiology, (44), 697–702. (PDF)

A Cartesian Time-Frequency Approach to Reveal Brain Interaction Dynamics (2007) L. Marzetti, S. Della Penna, G. Nolte, R. Franciotti, G. Stefanics, G. L. Romani, Brain Topography, 19(3), 147-154. (PDF)

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EEG Early Evoked Gamma-Band Synchronization Reflects Object Recognition in Visual Oddball Tasks (2004) G. Stefanics, A. Jakab, L. Bernáth, L. Kellényi, I. Hernádi, Brain Topography, 16(4), 261-264 (PDF)

Az éntudat kialakulása (The emergence of mind: On the development of self-awareness in animals and humans) (2000) G. Stefanics, Magyar Pszichológiai Szemle, LV. 1. 113-134 (in Hungarian) (PDF)